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September 4, 2020
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Auto Paint Refinishing Problems: Can they be prevented?

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The thought of taking a loved car or truck to an auto body shop for auto paint refinishing frightens many vehicle owners. It may seem similar to going to a doctor for plastic surgery. You do your research first and ask for referrals to know whether the doctor is good at what he or she does! The same is true when taking your vehicle in for auto body refinishing. Do some research and ask friends for a recommendation before making a decision about auto paint refinishing!

Listed below are some typical problems that may occur during the auto paint refinishing process. By discussing them with your auto body technician, you can rest assured when you understand the process they use to ensure these problems don't happen:

Common Auto Paint Refinishing Problems:

> Bleeding - Discoloration of the surface of the refinish color caused by solvent penetration from fresh color material that dissolves the old finish (usually reds and maroons), releasing a dye that comes to the surface.
> Blistering - Small swelled areas like little blisters. If the surface is not prepared properly, these blisters can be caused by rust under the surface, painting over oil or grease, moisture in the spray lines, trapped solvents, or prolonged exposure to high humidity.
> Blushing - Finish turns milky immediately or shortly after application caused by fast thinner or reducer in high humidity, unbalanced thinner or reducer, or condensation on old surface.
> Chalking - Lack of gloss, powdery, caused by natural weathering of paint films, paint not mixed thoroughly, or using low quality paints and solvents.
> Checking, Crazing, Cracking -- Crowfoot separation (checking), appearance of shattered glass (crazing), splits and irregular separation (cracking). These issues can be caused by insufficient dry time, extreme temperature changes, excessive film thickness (too heavy coats), paint not thoroughly mixed, using incompatible products, recoating a previous checked finish without proper preparation, or using improper thinner or reducer.

Solution: A skilled and trained auto body refinishing technician will make sure the surface to be refinished is thoroughly cleaned and treated, the compressor and air lines drained frequently to eliminate the collection of water, avoid the use of fast thinners and reducer when temperatures are too high, and allow for the proper dry time between coats.

For quality auto paint refinishing, you can trust our professionals to restore your car to perfection!Contact our certified auto body technicians at Automall Autobody or go online to for more information. We will be pleased to take care of your vehicle and provide you with honest and professional auto body refinishing services. Our auto body shop serves vehicle owners in Henderson, and surrounding communities


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