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May 23, 2020
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A Short Guide to Selling Your Car Online

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What you need to know:

Evaluate your vehicle, (Mileage, Condition & features).

Ensure that you notify your bank, that you will be selling your vehicle, as the relevant paper work would be required if you are still financing the car.

A dealership should assist you with determining a selling price for your vehicle, but bear in mind; it would be in your best interest to compare the pricing of your vehicle against other cars in similar condition.

Requirements for selling your vehicle online:

Take photos of unique aspects of your vehicle.

Ensure that you include images of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Images indicating any damage to the car should be clear.

Add your contact details to the classified listing page.

State the condition of your vehicle, i.e. new or used.

Mention your preferred method of payment.

Keep the advertisement simple and to the point.

Do not falsify any details concerning your vehicle as this will deter buyers.

Tip: If you need to make an urgent sale consider auctioning your car off to the highest bidder, a process which is very easy and effective on bidorbuy.

Have the vehicle checked and repair any small problems the vehicle has:

Ensure that your vehicles tyres are not badly worn out.

Replace old window wipers.

Make sure the brakes, and the exhaust of your vehicle, is in good working order.

Patch up small scratches and dings with polish.

Fix chips, if any, on the windscreen.

Preparing your vehicle:

Valet your vehicle and ensure that it is in pristine condition.

Make sure that everything works in your vehicle.

Check your lights, indicators, etc...

Spend some money, and replace the bulbs that aren't working.

Ensure no warning signs show on your dashboard.

Gather all documents and history of your vehicle.

Finalising the sale:

Certify the change of ownership by visiting your traffic department and handing over all documentation to the new owner.

If the car is still under finance, ensure you notify the bank that there has been a change of ownership so that you are no longer liable for the repayments.

Do not use other parties to complete and negotiate payment. Be involved through the entire process.

Ensure you have copies of all the documentation covering the sale.

Make sure payment reflects in your account.

What to look out for:

Meet in a safe area.

Make sure the buyer is insured to drive a car.

Check to see if the buyer has a driver's license.


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