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November 29, 2020
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Car Seats For Dogs Buying Guide

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Many dogs love to ride along in the car with their owners who also enjoy taking their beloved pet for a ride, however, as you may already know if you have ever taken your dog for a ride that many dogs tend to become excited at times while riding in the car and when unrestrained can cause distractions by wandering around the car and interfering with a drivers vision, steering, gear shift, and the pedals that control the vehicle. Having a dog car seat can solve all of these problems making it an enjoyable and safer ride for both you and your dog. If you are interested in purchasing a car seat for your dog, you will find the following information beneficial in selecting the right one from the many different styles and designs available today.

Selecting the right Size Dog Car Seat for Comfort and Safety

Dog car seats can also keep your pet safe from potential hazards that sometimes occur while on the road including sudden stops; however, it is important that you choose the size of the car seat correctly for optimal protection and the comfort of your dog. Car seats for dogs typically list the maximum weight capacity and the length and width of the seat in their specifications; therefore, you should choose a car seat accordingly based on the weight and overall size of your dog. The car seats designed for larger dogs are generally made to fit in the backseat and are secured with straps that require the use of a seat belt to keep them secure. This type of seat usually requires that your seat belt be of a specified minimum length, therefore, it is important that you check the length of your seat belt to ensure that it meets this requirement.

Many of the car seats for smaller dogs are designed to fit in the front on the center console of your vehicle, however, you need to ensure that you measure the space you have between the seats and compare it to the size specifications of the dog car seat to ensure that you have enough available space. The booster car seats for dogs are also quite popular particularly for smaller dogs as the bottom of the seat is raised a few inches above the vehicle seat allowing your dog to have an unobstructed view out of the windows while driving down the road. The height of these booster seats also vary in size and you should be sure and select the appropriate size for your dog based on the specifications listed on the manufacturers label.

Choosing among the Different Designs and Styles

The popularity of car seats for dogs has led to the manufacturing of numerous different types of styles and designs. There are colors and designs available to match the interior of just about any vehicle and you can select from different types of material including lamb's wool which will keep your dog warm in cooler weather and or cooler during the summer months or warmer climates. There are also car seats available that have snap on accessories so that your dog can eat and drink while on the road. Car seats for dogs are available to fit in just about any type of vehicle and for any size dog, therefore, you will have no difficulty in selecting one that is perfect for both you and your pet.


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