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September 16, 2020
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Better Gas Mileage - It's Easier Than You Think

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Car whether it is there to merely serve your transportation needs or whether it is there to fulfill your desire of zooming down the streets in style, all cars have one part that determines its performance. Yes, we all know that is the engine. Although engines differ from car to car based on the make and detailed specification, but it is the "heart" of the car. Unless it works better, you will never get the driving pleasure that you are expecting from your cruising machine!

However, just like the human body, even the engine needs help from other parts and features of the car in order to perform well. Just as smoking may deter the health of the human heart, dirty oil can hamper the performance of your car's engine. Changing oil comes first when it comes to proper functioning of your car's engine.

Maintain your car well, the water, the lubricants, the tires, everything should be in proper condition. Things as simple as from where you buy the gas may also matter. It is advisable to buy gas from reliable sources and if possible from the same vendor whom you have found trustworthy. Gasoline at different gas pumps has different proportions of substances which if mixed in long run effects the performance of the engine.

Keep the tires correctly inflated, rotate those in every six months and check the wheel alignment regularly. To maintain your tires in good condition, which in turn allows the car to run smoothly, ensure that your vehicle is not overloaded all the time. The greater the load on the car more is the gas consumption. These days there are a number of fuel efficient, environment friendly car tires. You can inquire about low-rolling resistance tires, if you already do not have them.

Drive cautiously. Do not speed. Do not brake frequently. Reach the optimum speed for your car and then maintain that. Smooth driving is not just safe for you but is also great for your car's mileage. Keep your car clean. Do not let debris pile up on the body. At higher speed, the smoother the external car surface, the better is the aerodynamics and less is the pressure on the engine. You would want to give your engine as much boost of energy as you could.

Keep an eye on the small things like not using the air conditioning or the heating when it is not required, not keeping the CD player running, avoiding making repeated trips to the same place. Instead club your trips to the same area together. Hop in with a friend and share the gas price. This is not just for your savings on gasoline, but it is also an opportunity to do your bit for the environment.

Vroom around in style, let the air blow through your hair but remember enjoying anything responsibly gives one the greatest pleasures. Be responsible towards your car and maintain it well, the car in return will give you better performance and good mileage.


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