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July 18, 2020
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Auto Brakes Service - How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

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Having your car worked on is like going to the doctor. You never know how much it's going to cost, how bad it is and you are not sure if you can completely trust the guy. Finding a mechanic you can trust is like finding a doctor you can trust. You usually wind up going through several before you find the right one. However, for minor repairs like brakes, there are many places you can take your car for auto brakes service but ensuring you are going to a place that won't rip you off can be a challenge.

When getting your brakes serviced, there are several ways your brakes services to get ripped off. First, the technician may use sub-standard brake shoes to replace the existing ones. Next, if your brakes are badly worn, your drums or rotors may be scored which the technician may ignore. These grooves will wear out brake shoes faster unless the drums or rotors are turned on a lathe to make them smooth again. Other ways are when they tell you other work needs to be done that actually don't.

There are two ways to tell if you are being conned if you need brake service done on your car. First, if you can watch what they are doing then do so. Unfortunately the insurance companies don't allow customers to be in the garage bays so the odds of you being able to watch are minimal at best. Secondly, if they replace parts, get the old parts and inspect them. If you had your brake pads replaced, examine them to see if the rivets have started to come through. If they have and the tech didn't tell you you're drums or rotors needed turned then you are going to have a problem later on.

The only other ways to ensure you are not getting ripped off with your auto brake service is to verify that the work was done properly or that additional work doesn't need to be done. Once you have had your brakes changed you can take your car to a different mechanic and have your car's brakes inspected to make sure everything was done correctly. If additional work was suggested, getting a second opinion, much like getting a second opinion at the doctor's office is a good idea. By having everything verified by another mechanic you will be able to determine if you are actually getting what you paid for. Unfortunately you will probably have to pay to have the work verified but being able to trust your vehicle and your mechanic is worth the cost.


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