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May 2, 2020
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Acquiring Mobility Ramps for Cars

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Transporting a wheelchair and its occupant via car can be a little difficult unless you have the right accessories to make the process easier. Does any such accessory exist? Yes, it comes in the form of mobility ramps for cars. This will likely lead many to ask what is a mobility ramp.

The concept of a mobility ramp is rather easy to explain. Such a ramp is intended to allow wheelchair access to a vehicle in a safe and controlled manner. It is a "pathway" of sorts which allows the wheelchair direct access to a car. There is no need to lift the wheelchair in the car and place the occupant at risk.

The ramp is designed with a slope which allows the wheelchair to effectively gain access to vehicle it intends to enter. Not all of these ramps are designed the same so you will need to effectively select the right one or else you will find the ability to gain access to the vehicle very difficult.

One thing that needs to be understood about car mobility ramps is that they are not intended to be permanent structures as would be the case with ramps for buildings, offices, and the like. Obviously, mobility ramps for cars are portable. The design of these ramps is specifically for connecting them to the doors of cars or vans.

When not in use, the ramps can be placed inside the car. However, it is not uncommon that such ramps can also be affixed to the outside of the car.

The size of most of these ramps for cars is often quite compact. This should be understandable when you consider the fact that it would have to be in order to be compatible with the car it is intended to be attached to. Logistically, it would be difficult for a ramp designed for a van to connect to a car. As such, car mobility ramps have to be somewhat scaled down. This is not, however, to even remotely infer that they are lacking in durability and cannot serve their intended purpose. A quality ramp that is durable and well designed will do what is required of it provided it is the right match for a particular vehicle.

Those wishing to be sure they are acquiring the right ramp for their car are well advised to ensure the dimensions of the ramp effectively match the dimensions of the vehicle. When the two are in concert with one another, you will find the car mobility ramps work well together. That is the only outcome you should seek from the acquisition of it.

Those that do require the proper car mobility ramps will discover they not have any limitations on their access anywhere.


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