Weekend Full of Wrecks

The weekend consisted of a number of wrecks here in San Angelo.

On Friday, December 15, a driver lost control and hit the light pole on Knickerbocker Rd and Red Bluff Rd.

Nearly an hour later that same day, a bicyclist first struck a red Camaro in the Freeland shopping center, then went around behind the vehicle. The bicyclist was then struck when the Camaro backed up to get out of the roadway. The bicyclist was sent to the hospital for injuries.

At approximately 4 p.m. on Saturday, December 16, a Ford Escape ran a red light on Beauregard which caused a pile up with three pickups. The occupants of the Escape were sent to the hospital.

Moving forward into Sunday, around midnight, a green sedan ran a red light near China Garden and was struck on the driver’s side by a Dodge Ram. The driver got trapped in his vehicle and had to be cut out by firefighters. The driver was later sent to the hospital.

About the same time, a pickup and a small car collided in front of Grill-a-Burger. The collision sent one person to the hospital but the cause of the crash was not revealed.

Close to 2 a.m., a speeding truck driver swiped a large tree which caused the truck to hit a median and spin out near Koenigheim Street. The driver was trapped inside his vehicle and was bleeding from the head. He was transported to Shannon Medical Center by ambulance, with a police escort, which usually indicates life-threatening injuries. No further information about the driver’s identity or injuries has been released at this time.

These events kept the SAPD and fire department quite busy over the past few days.
Drivers are encouraged to travel safely and pay extra attention while on the roads this holiday season.