Wednesday sports update, 5/11

The Oklahoma City Thunder takes three-two game lead. This time it was Russell Westbrook doing the damage. Thirty-five points, 11 rebounds and nine assists and 23 more points for Kevin Durant sunk the San Antonio Spurs, 95-91. The Spurs will have to rally, they’ve only dug themselves out a 3-2 hole once in their history.

Do you have $4 billion laying around? If so, you might be able to purchase the entire UFC. Reports started surfacing late last night that the company might be for sale. The UFC is owned by its parent company Zuffa, who paid $2 billion for it in 2001. ESPN is reporting that sources have told them as many as four companies have already made bids.

No surprise here, Steph Curry wins the 2016 NBA MVP award and is the first person in history to do so unanimously.