A vehicle crash on Houston Harte Thursday morning leads to multiple wrecks

The wrecks began to pile up around the 1600 block of the west Houston Harte Expressway at 7:39 a.m. Thursday. There were a total of three wrecks involving in eight vehicles. 

The first wreck happened at 7:39 a.m. when a black Jeep Wrangler was traveling eastbound on Houston Harte when traffic began to suddenly slow, a gray Ford Mustang also traveling in the same direction as the Wrangler saw that traffic was slowing and began to slow down. There was a vehicle behind him that suddenly changed lanes to avoid a collision and the Wrangler hit the Mustang. The driver of the Wrangler, a 16-year-old female, was issued a citation for failure to control speed. The two teenagers occupying the Mustang were not injured and all involved were wearing seatbelts.

The second collision occurred in the same location as the previous wreck. A Honda Accord, Dodge Ram pickup truck, Nissan Pathfinder and a Toyota Camry were driving eastbound in the inside lane of Houston Harte when traffic slowed because of the first wreck. The Pathfinder and Camry suddenly slowed and the 29-year-old female driver of the Dodge failed to slow down and hit the Pathfinder pushing it into the Camry. Soon after the teenage driver of the Honda did not slow down and crashed into the Dodge. Airbags were deployed in the Honda. The driver was wearing her seatbelt and issued a ticket for failure to control speed. The car was towed from the scene. The driver of the Dodge was also issued a ticket for failure to control speed.

All other parties involved were not injured. A release from the SAPD said the driver of the Pathfinder was possibly injured but refused medical treament.

One minute later, a Saturn Vue ran into a Jeep Grand Cherokee that slowed because of the two previous wrecks. All five people involved in the collision were all wearing seatbelts and were not injured.