The Chaparral Ranch – The Perfect West Texas Venue

All Photos Courtesy of Chaparral Ranch

For some, finding the perfect venue for that country, rustic wedding in the heart of West Texas, can seem like an impossible task.

Then there’s the task of finding a wedding planner who truly enjoys what they do and can pull off your dream wedding without sending you into unimaginable debt? Now, that truly takes the cake!

If you’re wondering if such a company even exists, look no further than Leah Brosig and the Chaparral Ranch in Paint Rock, Texas.

The name “Chaparral” comes from multiple places. It derives from the roadrunners that are often spotted around the property. A roadrunner is the logo that can be seen on the gate welcoming visitors onto the property. Chaparral is also the name of a popular shrub in the area.

The property, perfect for both homing livestock and hosting events, was originally run by Leah’s parents.  Leah decided to come back and run the ranch after working 35 years as an ultrasound technician.  She and her husband took the property over in 2015 and hosted their first wedding in 2016.

“This is truly a passion for me,” Leah said. “It’s not a job, and it’s not about the money. I enjoy everything about it, from the conception of the idea to the completion of the event. I got into this to help others set off on their journey of marriage without extreme debt.”

The Chaparral Ranch offers a variety of different wedding packages, each customizable and usually ranging between $500 and $2,500. Time frames range from a few hours or as long as an entire weekend.

Clients will also have access to additional services and options including bakers, caterers, DJs and any other wedding needs that may arise.

The property can be rented with or without wedding planning assistance. The amount of assistance can vary from very hands on to a small amount of guidance.

Every wedding needs decorations to create a scene as beautiful as the dream. On-site, is a 40-foot storage unit called Ranch Riches. The unit is full of country, rustic wedding decorations such as lanterns, mason jars, metal pieces, burlap, some linens and other such pieces that fit this theme. Unlimited decorations can be rented for $300.

The ranch hosts a beautiful two-bedroom, two-bath house with full kitchen and porch; as well as a path where residents can step outside the house and enjoy fresh air and visit with livestock.  This house can be used for short-term lodging for either wedding parties or for contract workers.

Aside from weddings, the Chaparral Ranch also hosts a variety of other event options and outdoor experiences.  

For a more masculine touch, the ranch offers a variety of hunting packages. Right now, spring turkey is in season. In the fall, there is dove and quail hunting, and in November, there are white-tail deer.

For further outdoor experiences, the ranch also offers the opportunity for educating children on the joys of outdoor living such as camping, fishing, birding and even wildlife photography. In addition, there is a caliche pit on the land for target practice.

They are open to host reunions, retreats, birthday parties, and senior/graduation parties.  If you can envision an event that you need an outstanding venue for, they can work with you to make it perfectly fit your needs.

Leah is always interested in new and diverse concepts.

The Chaparral Ranch bills through PayPal and requires no set payment plan, as long as all events are paid off in full 30 days in advance of the event’s booked date.  

For more information, please visit the Chaparral Ranch Facebook page or their website.