***UPDATE*** Sheriff’s Department Finds Young Woman’s Killer

Photo provided by Sheriff's Dept

***UPDATE 3-22-18***

After an autopsy was done on the body of Garcia, a single gunshot wound to the head has been determined as the cause of death.

Upon investigation, Andres Rios Ramirez was determined as a person of interest.

Ramirez was pulled over during a traffic stop and a pistol was discovered in his possession. Ramirez also did not have a valid license with him.

He was taken in for questioning by Investigators Andrew Alwine and Corey Speck where a confession was obtained.

Ramirez was charged with Murder on March 21.

The Sheriff’s Department also determined that the murder occurred at the residence of 629 Antonio Street on the same day.


The Sheriff’s Department of San Angelo has released a press release titled “Homicide” relating to the body discovered in a dumpster on Tuesday afternoon.

The body has been identified  as 24 year old Camille Garcia.

Anyone who may have any information about or is an acquaintance of Garcia is encouraged to call the Department at 325-655-8111.

Information can also be provided at the office located at 222 West Harris.


On Tuesday, March 20, the body of a female was found in a garbage dumpster on Cactus Lane.

The medical examiner  has determined that the body was probably between 20 and 30 years old.

Both the Sheriff’s Department and the Texas Rangers are investigating.

So far, there have been no leads on how the body ended up in the dumpster in the first place.

The body was reported to the police around 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

This investigation is ongoing, we will update this story as more details become available.