Unofficial election totals: Carter/ Vasquez, Grindstaff/Carter runoffs

A man casting his vote inside a voting booth

The San Angelo Police Chief race and Single Member District 5 races will both end in a tenative July 2 runoff election based on unofficial election results from the Tom Green County Elections Office Saturday.

Frank Carter edged out incumbent chief Tim Vasquez in the final results. Carter had 33.64 percent at the polls, and Vasquez had 31.34 percent of the vote. Mike Hernandez finished third with 25.17 percent and Jeff Davis was in fourth with 9.85 percent.

SMD 5 saw Lane Carter edge out incumbent Elizabeth Grindstaff by four total votes to get to a runoff election with both finishing shy of 50 percent.

SMD 1 elected the apparent winner, Bill Richardson, by 45 total votes over Trinidad Aguirre.

SMD 3 saw Harry Thomas hold off Daniel Cardenas 483-415 for a 7.85 point win in that district.

According to the City’s Public Information Office total voter turnout was 9,163.

The election totals will not be finalized until totals are confirmed by the Tom Green Elections Office sometime in the following week.