Two Juvenile Gang Members Arrested for Theft, Shooting a Firearm and Vandalism

On January 7, police received reports of stolen property out of a 2017 Dodge Durango that included a purple handgun, along with the ammunition it requires.

The next day, what appeared to be that same handgun, was caught on camera as two young males used the gun at a residence in North San Angelo.

The following day, January 9, a series of graffiti at Central High School, also caught on video, revealed that the same two juveniles were involved as in the shooting the day before.

The suspects were revealed to be 15-years old and known gang members.

Apprehension Orders were obtained by the Street Crimes Division.

The two teenagers, whose identities have not been released due to the fact that they are both minors, were identified and discovered on Wednesday, January 10.

One suspect was discovered at a residence near 41st Street, with ammunition that matched that stolen out of the Durango, days before.

Later that day, the second suspect was discovered, but fled on foot.

After a long pursuit near Dollar General around E. 30th Street, the suspect was apprehended and detained.

Both juveniles have been charged with Theft of Firearm and Felony Criminal Mischief.

The suspect who fled on foot also faces charges for Evading Detention.