Tour bus crash in California kills at least 11 people

At least 11 people were killed after a Los Angeles tour bus collided with a big rig on westbound Interstate 10 near Palm Springs Sunday morning.

As reported by The Desert Sun, about 30 bus passengers have been taken to Palm Springs area hospitals for injuries ranging from minor to major.

The tour bus smashed into the rear of the big rig, and the front of the bus was enveloped by the big rig’s trailer. Dozens of firefighters struggled to reach victims due to the position of the vehicles. Chainsaws had to be used to break open the vehicle and make their way into its front.

A tow truck was used to lift the trailer, and another tried to pull the big rig forward, off the bus. Firefighters positioned ladders in the bus’ windows to pull victims out.

By 9:30 a.m., CHP had confirmed that 11 people were dead. All of the victims had been traveling in the tour bus. The driver of the big rig was unharmed.

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing.