The Heat Is Hitting The Street! Back To Back Accidents, All Afternoon!

Numerous accidents from the early hours of Tuesday morning, leading up to late afternoon, have kept SAPD and First Responders extremely busy today.

The first of these accidents was located on 16th St. & N. Chadbourne.

According to a witness, a gray Chevrolet pick-up was headed east-bound on 6th St. When the occupant disregarded a red light, crashed into a traffic signal pole and knocked out an entire wooden utility pole. Power outages were reported in multiple areas throughout downtown all the way to 14th St.

Witnesses reported the driver crawled out of the wreckage himself and sat on the curb, until first responders showed up and transported him to the hospital. The current condition of the driver is still unknown at this time, as well as the identity.

Several Departments are working together to get the scene cleared and working efficiently again.




Just a few hours later, another minor traffic accident involving two vehicles was reported on Sherwood Way & Sunset.

Within just about 30 minutes of the Sherwood Way & Sunset accident, another minor accident involving two vehicles, was reported less than a mile away on Sherwood Way & Oxford St.

Just minutes after tow trucks showed up and police worked to clear the scene of the Sherwood Way & Oxford accident, a 4 car collision occured about one street up, on Sherwood Way right outside of Taco Bell. Road workers appeared to be flagging down the First Responders, that were still occupied with the previous accident.

Buckle Up San Angelo & Stay SAFE!