TGC Sheriff’s Office welcomes trailing bloodhound and trainer to its team

The Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office welcomed its two new search and rescue volunteers, Lisa Tumlinson and Ella, her K-9 trailing dog.

Tumlinson holds a Level II SARTECH certification issued by the National Association of Search and Rescue. Ella, who is a little more than a year old, has been trained as a tracking dog to work in both urban and rural areas since she was four months old. She is scheduled to receive her first certification in April 2017.

Tumlinson and Ella have partnered up with the sheriff’s office for the purpose of achieving various aims and objective relating to K-9 trailing, an example of which would be tracking lost children and the elderly who might have wandered off. Another example is tracking hunters that have gone missing.

The sheriff’s office said in a news release that although Ella can track anyone, Tumlinson prefers working non-criminal searches.