Texas Rangers investigate death of man in Parker County jail

A man died while in custody at the Parker County Jail Monday, Sheriff Larry Fowler said Monday.

Jesse Andrew DeBusk, 38, was booked into the county jail Friday after Fort Worth police arrested him for local warrants in connection to continuous violence against his family.

DeBusk was being escorted to a cell early Saturday evening after becoming agitated, yelling obscenities and struggling with jailers, Fowler said. “When the officers attempted to calm DeBusk, he continued to refuse to listen to their verbal commands and continued to physically resist them.”

DeBusk eventually calmed down after being placed in restraints in the cell. Fowler said in a press release deputies removed the restraints and left him alone in the cell.

“Moments later, correctional officers observed DeBusk had become unresponsive,” Fowler said in the release. “Correctional officers immediately re-entered the cell, began CPR and called for medical assistance.”


DeBusk was transported by paramedics to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to the Star-Telegram.

Because DeBusk was in custody of the county, Fowler said he asked the Texas Rangers to investigate.