Texas mother fatally shoots both of her daughters

A woman fatally shot her two daughters late Friday afternoon before police shot and killed the woman at their home in Houston. mother sheatsAccording to multiple sources, Christy Sheats is identified as the mother who shot her two daughters, Taylor, 22 and Madison, 17, after an argument erupted and spiraled outside of their home and resulted in all three deaths.

The mother was shot and killed by Fulshear Police after she opened fire on her two daughters and stepped out of the house with a gun. The eldest daughter died at the scene, while the younger daughter died at Texas Medical Center.

The woman’s husband was home at the time when the incident occurred and ran to the neighbor’s home for help. He was taken by paramedics and did not sustain any injuries.

Christy Sheats’ Facebook page reveals she was a gun owner and vocal advocate for the Second Amendment.

Police records revealed that deputies had been called several times in the past to the family’s home, but the reasons for the calls have yet to be provided. The motive remains unclear at the moment but the police department and detectives continue a further investigation.