Texas boy invents device, wants to prevent hot car deaths

A 10-year-old boy from Melissa, Texas invented a device that could save the lives of children across the nation. 

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, after hearing about an infant who died after he was left in a hot car in his area, Bishop Curry V decided something needed to be done.

“I heard about babies dying in car seats and they could have grown up to be somebody important,” Curry said in an interview with Toyota. “It makes me pretty upset.”

The device first detects that a child was left in the car. Then, it begins to blow cool air on the child until parents or authorities arrive. The device also automatically sends a text message to parents and officials letting them know the child is in the hot car.

After hearing about Curry’s invention, an employee with the Toyota company pitched the invention to the company in hopes that they would like it enough to get behind the idea.

With the support of Toyota executives, Curry made a clay prototype and launched a Go Fund Me page to help raise money for future manufacturing.