Suspected synthetic marijuana drug overdose

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. – Spice is originally sold as an incense, but has now swept the military community with controversy as a ‘legal’ designer drug. However, Marine Corps Order 5355.1, issued Jan. 27, directly prohibits the use, distribution, sale and possession of it and others like it. (Courtesy photo)

Tom Green County Sheriff’s officers were dispatched to a home on Cherokee Lane for a possible drug overdose after a 22-year old man’s mother called for help. Officers believe synthetic marijuana is to blame. 

When they arrived at the home, the man was laying on the floor unresponsive. The mother told officers her son began knocking items onto the ground and was not acting normal before he fell to the ground and started shaking. According to a TGCSO incident report, officers on the scene said the man was shaking and sweating profusely with a rapid pulse rate. When officers tried to speak to the man, he was unresponsive, then foam began coming from his mouth.

He was transported to a local hospital where medical staff found synthetic marijuana, a homemade pipe and a lighter inside his jeans during a departmental policy inventory of his property.

In 2016, through January 31, the American Association of Poison Control reported that poison centers received calls of 287 exposures to synthetic marijuana throughout the United States.