Spread the Holiday Spirit, Adopt an Airman

For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time to be surrounded by family, play games, eat food and plan your Christmas shopping list.

Most of all it is a time for love and making memories.

For service members in the military, constantly being stationed in foreign places might mean not being able to go home for the holidays.

For our airmen serving at Goodfellow, they could use a hot, home cooked meal and company that reminds them of the importance of family.

This year, you could be apart of making that dream come true.


Goodfellow Air Force Base is partnering with the community to provide prior service students, officer students and permanent party (E-1 through E-4) members with a place to spend their Thanksgiving holiday.

Sponsors must fill out an application before Nov. 17. For forms and more information please email Enoch at latosha.enoch@us.af.mil or Staff Sgt. Carter-Grimes at britney.carter_grimes@us.af.mil, or call 325-654-1998.