Southland To Be Closed on Monday 1/15/18

According to reports from the City, a portion of Southland Blvd will be closed due to construction on Monday, January 15.

The specific portion set for closure is the area between Sherwood Way and Green Meadow Drive.

The construction is scheduled to occur between the 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Businesses in this area such as Sam’s Club, Dollar Tree, the Grill, Walmart, Stripes convenience store and Concho Valley ER will all still be accessible from Sherwood Way.

This construction is to replace a portion of the road with smoother driving conditions.

The replacement of the road is a part of a city wide project that strives to stretch Southland to Sherwood Way and to Walmart and Sam’s Club.

This portion of Southland will be reopened once the roads have been fully restored.