South Carolina fireman adopts baby he delivered on emergency call

South Carolina firefighter Marc Hadden adopted a baby girl in March 2012, but the story behind the adoption was finally made known Friday as it instantly went viral.

As reported by WCNC News, Hadden working with the medical unit when he helped deliver the baby girl Nov. 11, 2011 who grew into the blonde-haired, blue-eyed daughter he now knows as “Gracie.”

Hadden said he remembers that it was a surprisingly slow day at work for him, and he spent the day cleaning engines.

He was eating dinner in the middle of his 24-hour shift when the phone rang for an emergency call. When he arrived on scene, he and his partner found a pregnant woman in labor.

Hadden said although he had worked as a fireman for two decades, he never came across such a situation.

“I was tasked with everything to do with Gracie,” Hadden said. “I helped her take her first breath.”

The team then rushed to the hospital to drop off the mother and child. While filling out routine paperwork at the hospital, Hadden overheard nurses who said the mother requested the baby girl be put up for adoption.

“Throw my name in the hat if this baby’s being put up for adoption,” Hadden said jokingly.

Later, Hadden confessed that he wasn’t actually kidding since he and his wife were no longer able to have children after their second child was born.

“We checked into adopting, but it was way too expensive,” Hadden said. “We prayed about it.”

Hadden said he hesitantly walked into the woman’s hospital room to introduce himself. He explained that he has two kids, his wife’s a school teacher and they want to have more children, but aren’t able to. After a friendly chat, Hadden swung by the nursery and sent his wife a picture of the newborn.

Then, Hadden said she texted back with a simple question that changed their lives forever. It said: “Can we keep her?”

Two days later, the Haddens had their little girl. In March 2012, the closed adoption was complete.