Social media effects modern mourning and could prevent suicide

Researchers believe that social media is drawing public mourning into view by sharing grief, donations or words of encouragement with others, as well as giving clues of those who may want to commit suicide by giving out a warning of distress through their social media. 

Grieving and mourning over death before social media was said to be more personal and private occurrence. Sociological research on social media emerging is a new way to display grief with others by maintaining relationships with the deceased through messages and comments which has become a new study of observation.

Linguists, psychologists and computer scientists are discovering people collectively share on social media often signaling information on our mental health.

Some researchers believe machine learning, algorithms and mathematical analysis can give health care providers tools to help solve most intractable public health epidemics, such as suicide.

Glen Coppersmith, a data scientist and psychologist and founder and CEO of the startup mental health analytic company, Ontfy, uses machine learning to design algorithms that can identify with human communication.

An underfunded field where saving every at-risk life seems an impossible goal, this technology promises to give public health experts and clinicians a tool to predict suicide risk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed alarming rise in suicides among both male and female in every age group between 10-years-old and 74-years-old. U.S. suicide rates from 1999 and 2014 have increased 24% to 13 per 100,000 people.