Shots fired at Dallas Love Field, 1 transported to hospital

A video posted on Instagram showed a somewhat confused crowd at Dallas Love Field Airport Friday as shots were fired outside the airport.

Police have responded to the scene which is said to be near a baggage claim area.

Nine shots can be heard ringing out in the video. Screams of onlookers can be heard as the shooting occurred.

The Instagram post from a witness said: “I just got off the plane at Dallas Lovefield airport and this is what I come out to. You can use this footage with video credit to Bryan Armstrong/ @flashyfilms #DallasLoveFieldShooting”.

Multiple sources are reporting the shooting was officer-involved. Dallas Police Department scanner logs indicate the first of multiple calls came into dispatch at approximately 12:12 p.m. for “disturbance active shooter foot” at 8008 Herb Kelleher Way.

Police say the incident started as a domestic disturbance outside the baggage claim building. The suspect had used rocks to attack the victim and her vehicle. The officer responding to the scene encountered the suspect, who reportedly charged the officer leading to the officer firing multiple shots. The suspect who was shot was transported to a local hospital.