Shenanigans Owners to Open New Business

The owners of Shenanigans, a popular bar here in town, are taking on yet another business venture.

Derrick and Jenna Hoffman are taking over the building previously known as Sealy Flats, located downtown.

The new business will be another restaurant, called KNOSH!

Like Shenanigans, the new business will serve alcoholic beverages, but the emphasis will be on the food first.

KNOSH! will serve both lunch and dinner and be open until midnight on weekends.

The Hoffman’s will take over the café in December but only allow for private parties during the holiday season.

Once the restaurant receives their liquor license, which is estimated to happen late December, it will be open to the general public.

Some Shenanigans items will move over to KNOSH!, but it should contain a new and original menu otherwise.

KNOSH! may also host live music on occasion.