Senator wants Texas to have official state gun

Republican Sen. Don Huffines of Dallas filed a measure Wednesday to designate the cannon as the official gun of Texas, CBS19 reported.

“The cannon has been an important weapon in the state’s fight for liberty and independence as well as a symbol of the defiance and determination of its people,” the resolution states.

Huffines refers to the 1835 Battle of Gonzales, an important event in the Texas Revolution,¬†when Texian rebels refused to surrender their six-pound cannon to Mexican soldiers and declared “Come and take it!”

Two six-pound cannons known as the Twin Sisters were instrumental in defeating Santa Anna’s army.

In the Texas Republic years, another cannon played a significant role in keeping the capital of Texas in Austin, when residents believed President Sam Houston wanted to move the capital to Houston.

When Texas Rangers arrived in Austin to collect the government’s archives, an innkeeper named Angelina Eberly stood at the corner of Sixth Street and Congress Avenue and fired a cannon in protest. A statue of Eberly now stands on Congress Avenue.

 Today, Smokey the Cannon is fired throughout University of Texas football games. The cannon also tours the country with the Cannon Crew for charity and volunteer events.