Sealcoating Issue Settled

According to a statement received November 7 from Anthony Wilson, COSA Public Information Officer, the sealcoating issue from 2013 has been resolved. The City of San Angelo will receive $400,000 from Brannan Paving under a proposed agreement to resolve all claims related to street sealcoating the company performed in 2013. The City Council approved the negotiation of the settlement today.

Because much of the rock involved in the 2013 sealcoating failed to adhere to streets, the quality of the work was less than desirable. However, the City has received some value from the work in the ensuing four years. The proposed settlement takes that value into account.

The $400,000 will be returned to the City’s General Fund, from which street improvements are paid.

Sealcoating is a preventative maintenance measure for streets. It involves applying a thin layer of asphalt and rock to a street’s surface. That prevents moisture from seeping into the asphalt and damaging the roadway’s base. The process extends the life of a street’s surface. Next summer, the City will engage in the fourth year of an eight-year cycle to sealcoat every City-maintained street in San Angelo.