SAPD rejects COSA’s Meet and Confer proposal

The City of San Angelo Meet and Confer Committee gathered at City Hall Thursday in which the San Angelo Coalition of Police president, Doug Thomas, informed staff that the San Angelo Police Department voted to reject a lesser offer represented by City Manager’s Staff on March 6.  

According to a press release from the City of San Angelo, the city is disappointed that police officers opposed San Angelo City Council’s offer of a one-time payment of $317,980. The city said the payment would have met the obligations of the Meet & Confer contract for the remainder of the current fiscal year and would have bridged a gap to allow city management, the SACOP and San Angelo City Council to work together to increase officers’ pay moving forward.

According to a press release from the San Angelo Coalition of Police, 62 percent of the officers voted to reject the offer and instead look to San Angelo City Council to honor their Amended Agreement, which promised a salary increase to bring San Angelo police to 95 percent of the median salary level of area departments.

The SACOP said the Police Negotiation Team agreed to a vote by officers for a onetime lump sum payment option in lieu of salary adjustments agreed to in the Meet and Confer Agreement, which were formerly ratified by City Council.  At that Meet and Confer Committee meeting, City Staff indicated that there is no money in the budget for raises, but that the City confessed that it could fund a onetime stipend for police at $317,980.  When questioned by members of the Police Negotiation Team, the SACOP said city staff commented that the city could fund an additional $540,000 for stipends for fire and non-civil service employees.

The result of the officers’ vote will terminate the Meet and Confer process through which their pay is negotiated. According to the City of San Angelo, if that process continues, it will be a decision of the SACOP membership.