SAPD promotes six officers, SWAT medics

The San Angelo Police Department promoted six officers and swore in four SWAT medics in a ceremony Friday.

Officers Brian Robinson, Chris Cimino and  Adam Scott were promoted to lieutenants of the department while Kelly Lajoie, David Olson and Eric Tabone were promoted to sergeants.

Lajoie currently serves at the only female sergeant on duty.

“If you know you want it, go for it,” Lajoie said. “Any job I go into, I try to soak up as much knowledge. This is definitely going to be a learning curve because I’m used to going out and enforcing the law, and it’s not that I’m not going to do that anymore, but I’ll have a completely different role to watch others make sure they’re enforcing the law.”

Police Chief Frank Carter said the department has been shorthanded with sergeants and lieutenants since July, but each promotion that took place Friday was special to him.

“We grew up in the ranks together, so it’s a very exciting day for me to stand out there and actually get to promote these guys and girl — if you will,” Carter said. “It was an emotional ceremony.”