SAPD offers advice on Pokemon GO dos and don’ts

With the sudden popularity of the Pokemon GO smartphone app, the San Angelo Police Department has offered a few tips for “trainers” in San Angelo.

The SAPD said that no one should ever trespass on private property. The phone app will allow trainers to capture targets without violating the law.

The department asks that trainers be respectful of businesses. Some have recently posted signs that read, “Pokémon Catching for Paying Customers Only.” If asked to leave an establishment, it is advised that trainers comply.

The department says there are plenty Pokémon to catch elsewhere.

Trainers should pay attention while walking and collecting. Emergency rooms have reported an uptick in distracted walking injuries linked back to Pokemon Go.

An important tip is to never train and drive.

“This is a dangerous idea,” the SAPD release said. “Don’t risk your life or the lives of others because of a game.”

Trainers should be aware of their surroundings and safety while playing and be mindful of who can show up to Poké Stops. Unsuspecting players who were lured to a Poké Stop by criminals have been robbed in other states. The department suggests tracking Pokemon with a group and if meeting strangers, to meet in a public place.

Being visible at night by wearing reflective gear and carry a flashlight is advised.

“And to all the non-Pokémon trainers, if you see groups of people late at night, walking and looking at their cellphones, they might not be criminals and may only be catching Pokémon.” the release said. “Don’t assume the worst. Observe the group for a few minutes before calling police to report suspicious activity.”