SAPD: Kirby vacuum reps have City-issued badges, not license to be pushy

The San Angelo Police Department said in a release Tuesday that sales permits have been issued to a group selling Kirby vacuum cleaners.

The release said that the salespeople will be driving a black Nissan with Texas license plates.

Door-to-door sales are allowed in San Angelo if a valid Itinerant Merchant Permit is obtained from the police department.  Additionally,  door-to-door salespersons must keep the permit on their person at all times when soliciting. The SAPD advises residents to always ask to see the permit if is not already visible and said the salesperson is required to produce the permit for inspection upon each request.

The permit is not a green light for pushy strong-armed sales tactics. The department said don’t be afraid to offend someone by not doing business with them.

“Your home is your castle. If you are interested in hearing a sales pitch, by all means, listen. If not – do not be afraid or intimidated to ask them to leave your property and as a rule of safety, NEVER let strangers inside your home,” the release said.

The SAPD can revoke itinerant merchant permits if members of the public report bad behavior. The department will not tolerate pushy/strong-armed sales tactics or behavior that is intimidating or threatening to citizens.

“Please call us if you have a bad experience so we can immediately address the issue,” the release said. “If a salesperson enters your home or property uninvited and does not leave when asked, call 911. Please pass this message on and help us spread the word.”

For non-emergencies, call 325-657-4315.