Santa Fe Trail Ride sets record for number of participants

The Santa Fe Trail Ride has been making it’s way from the Foster Communications Coliseum to Fort Concho National Historic Landmark for as long as the San Angelo Rodeo has been around. Friday’s ride was a Texas-sized trail ride with 23 wagons and 72 riders, making this year the largest in its history.

It’s been a long trail for the riders. The trail ride began seven days ago near the Coke/Sterling County line. One hundred miles later, the group made it to San Angelo.

Charlie Bowers, one of the trail bosses and seasoned rider, said this is one of the roughest and authentic trail rides he’s been on. The road wasn’t always easy, during the journey the group crashed a wagon, some riders were bucked off and a runaway wagon was totaled in the process.

This is a rodeo tradition that Bowers said will continue for years to come. The journey isn’t quite over, Saturday morning the riders will participate in the San Angelo rodeo parade. The parade starts at 10 a.m. in downtown San Angelo.


Santa Fe Trail Riders make their way to Old Fort Concho Stables.