San Antonio Spur Matt Bonner announces retirement through comedic video

After 12 seasons in the NBA — the last 10 of which he played for the San Antonio Spurs — Matt Bonner announced his retirement Saturday through a comedic, self-deprecating video.

In the video, Bonner informs an almost empty auditorium of his big decision. The two reporters in attendance leave when they find out it’s not a press conference from Matt Damon. Bonner then announces his retirement while eating a sandwich. A janitor sweeping behind him muses, “Matt Bonner? I thought he retired years ago.”

Bonner, 35, started his NBA career playing two seasons for the Toronto Raptor before joining the Spurs. He is one of only five players to spend at least 10 seasons with the San Antonio team according to ESPN.

Fans haven’t heard the last of Bonner, though, who will join the Spurs TV broadcast team, making his debut as a studio analyst on Jan. 10, when San Antonio hosts the Milwaukee Bucks.