San Angelo’s 9/11 Memorial Rededicated

Many gathered downtown today in attendance of the rededication of San Angelo’s own 9/11 Memorial.

The program featured a history of the memorial by Catholic Bishop Michael Pfeifer, a performance by Fort Concho Elementary School students, and a keynote address from Rosendo “Rosey” Velez. A New York City first-responder on 9/11, Velez contributed a steel artifact from the World Trade Center as the centerpiece for the repair and restoration of the monument.

The Mayor, City Manager, members of the City Council, Police Chief, Fire Chief, members of the military and many others were in attendance.

As the anniversary of 9/11 nears, the memory, and the wounds, of the tragedy of 2001 are still very much present in the hearts and minds of its survivors.

San Angelo is the only city in the state of Texas to have created our own memorial, which was dedicated in 2003.

The memorial contained an original piece of the World Trade Center.

However, in June of 2016, the memorial was vandalized and the special centerpiece, stolen.

It was never recovered.