San Angelo Law Enforcement Spouses Association seeks public support at city council meeting

San Angelo Law Enforcement Spouses Association announced Sunday that it will join the San Angelo Coalition of Police in the calling for public support from the community at Tuesday’s city council meeting regarding the meet and confer agenda item.

“With no compromise found, and the City set to break its contract with San Angelo’s police officers at the end of this month, Tuesday’s council meeting will be the last chance for the community to show its support for law enforcement in this dispute,” SALESA said in a press release. “The City made a promise to San Angelo’s police officers that it would get their wages to a level comparable to other cities. The City Administration’s continued reluctance to find the funds in their ballooned budget and prioritize the deserved compensation of our police officers deserves to be publicly addressed in council.”

The City of San Angelo Meet and Confer Committee gathered at City Hall March 16 in which the San Angelo Coalition of Police president, Doug Thomas, informed staff that the San Angelo Police Department voted to reject a lesser offer represented by City Manager’s Staff on March 6.

The City of San Angelo announced March 17 in a press release that it was is disappointed that police officers opposed the San Angelo City Council’s offer of a one-time payment of $317,980. The city said the payment would have met the obligations of the Meet & Confer contract for the remainder of the current fiscal year and would have bridged a gap to allow city management, the SACOP and San Angelo City Council to work together to increase officers’ pay moving forward.

SALESA requested that concerned attend the next city council meeting and to show their support, or to contact their local council member and ask them to stand with law enforcement.