Same last name, different crimes, each indicted

Skyler Dane Walter and Stephen Thomas Walter were both indicted by a Tom Green County grand jury. Skyler Walter on a burglary of a building charge, a state jail felony and Stephen Walter with theft of a firearm, also a state jail felony. 

Although they each bear the same last name, court documents do not indicate whether the two are related.

Skyler Walter, 20, was allegedly caught on a security video stealing two toolboxes and assorted hand tools from a detached garage at 4600 Bowie St.

In a police interview, he admitted to stealing the items but claimed another man asked him to take the items because they belonged to him. Police also interviewed that suspect who denied owning any toolboxes and said he never told Skyler to remove the items from the garage on Bowie Street.

Skyler Walter is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing in June.

Walter, SKyler

Skyler Walter

Stephen Walter, 21, was charged with theft of a firearm in connection to an incident on March 25, 2016, where he allegedly stole an AR-15 rifle out of a parked vehicle at 817 West Avenue H.

According to court documents, the victim told police he was asleep when he heard a loud bang. He looked outside of his bedroom window and saw a man leaning into the driver side window of his vehicle. The victim banged on his bedroom window and the man ran away carrying the rifle that was inside of the vehicle.

Police located Stephen Walter and another man in an alley. The officer saw a scratch on Walter’s left arm that was bleeding. The rifle was located in the grass where the officer initially saw the suspects standing. There was blood on the magazine of the rifle and Stephen Walter was in possession of the same ammunition inside the rifle.

He remains in custody at the Tom Green County Jail since the night of his arrest on March 26, on a $15,000 bond.

Walter, Stephen

Stephen Walter