SA Firefighters Association endorses City Council candidates

The San Angelo Firefighters Association PAC announced Friday that it is endorsing Harry Thomas, Elizabeth Grindstaff and Trinidad Aguirre in the May 7 city elections. 

Thomas is running for Single Member District 3, Aguirre for SMD 1 and incumbent Grindstaff is seeking reelection for SMD 5.

PAC - Aguirre

In a statement, the association stated the following:

“After thoughtful consideration, we are proud to endorse incumbent Elizabeth Grindstaff for San Angelo City Council, SMD 5. We have witnessed her tireless work in listening to not only her district constituents, but citizens throughout the city. Her background and experience provide a unique perspective to the council and insight into difficult issues. We appreciate her willingness to LISTEN to our concerns. As an organization, we don’t expect council members to always agree with us, but we do expect and appreciate consideration. Elizabeth is considerate, hardworking, forthright, and passionate about San Angelo’s future. Please join us in supporting her for city council.”
“The firefighters have had a relationship with Trinidad Aguirre for several years. Our endorsement of him speaks to his character and tenacity to continually pursue affecting positive change for San Angelo, its citizens, and its employees. We are confident that he understands our issues and is willing to work with us to provide the best possible services to the citizens.”

“As for Harry Thomas, his background in military communications and electronics, along with his
experiences with Goodyear, traversing a full gambit of positions there, leads us to believe that
he will bring a productive perspective to the council. We have paid attention to his comments
before the council over the last few years, and know that he presents well. More importantly,
we have come to realize the he LISTENS even better. Harry is very knowledgeable about our
issues, and as an association, that is what excites us the most.”

Fred Barnett, President, Local 886, International Association of Fire Fighters
The association will provide financial contributions and volunteer hours to the campaigns.

About the PAC: The San Angelo Fire Fighters Association was formed in 1938, and has been advocating
for better wages, benefits and working conditions for the last 76 years. We are part of a much larger
voice, belonging to both the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters and the International Association of
Fire Fighters. Political action by both these groups has resulted in the passage of both state and federal
laws that protect the safety and rights of firefighters across the nation. We have decided to follow their
lead and become more politically active to earn the support and respect of the candidates that make the
decisions that affect our livelihood.
During the past several years we have been working hard to build relationships with all candidates and
provide information that they may not know about the fire department. We started our political action
in 2005 and endorsed our first candidates in 2006. We are serious about the issues that affect us, other
city employees and the citizens of this great city and are dedicated enough to do whatever it takes to
accomplish our goals.
We have over 160 personnel within the fire department that represents all districts of the city.