Republic of Congo declares yellow fever epidemic in 3 provinces

After 67 cases of yellow fever have been confirmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, health officials have declared an epidemic.The declaration includes three provinces of Congo, including capitol city Kinshasa. An additional 1,000 possible cases are being investigated.

According to Health Minister Felix Kabange, only seven of the cases were indigenous to Congo and 58 were imported from Angola, where the outbreak started. Two more cases came from remote forest areas not linked to the current outbreak. Five people have died from the disease, according to Kabange.

The World Health Organization said concern continues to grow about the spread of the disease in Congo, particularly in border zones and in densely populated Kinshasa, home to more than 10 million people. Kisenso, one of Kinshasa’s 35 health zones, has seen a cluster of suspect and confirmed cases of yellow fever among children living in neighboring streets.