Record number of early votes cast for chief, SMD 5 runoff election

More than 5,000 ballots were cast during early voting for the July 2 runoff elections for the Single Member District 5 City Council seat and the San Angelo Police Chief, according to a release from the City of San Angelo’s Public Information Office.

The exact number of early votes totaled 5,428, a 21.79 increase from the May primary election where there were 4,457 early votes.

“That means 10.62 percent of the 51,113 registered voters in the City of San Angelo participated in early voting, I cannot find a higher turnout in my records.” said City Clerk Bryan Kendrick in an email to the PIO.

Here are early voter totals from recent elections:

  • May 2012  (last chief of police election) had 2,420 early votes;
  • May 2014 (no citywide race, neither mayor nor chief) had 912 early votes across the three Single Member Districts in the race;
  • May 2015 (mayoral and three SMDs) had 2,746 early votes; and
  • November 2015 (charter) had 2,170 early votes.