Proposal to Council by Republic Services for change in handling of trash and recycling

Tuesday, the San Angelo City Council discussed an item pertaining to Republic Services’ new scheduling of pick-ups of trash and recycling on the agenda, but tabled the proposal.

The City of San Angelo’s Director of Operations, Shane Kelton, spoke in front of Council and those who attended the meeting about operational impact for Republic Services in requests on changing pick-up dates of bulk equipment that would be used for the new operational services.

Many focused on the proposal of this agenda item regarding Republic Services proposed move to one pick-up per week of trash, every other week collection of recycling and one time per month collection of bulk. Bulk collection would be assigned a specific date every month.

Bulk waste may seem higher than usual at this time, because of recent rains. These rains have caused much overgrowth, causing more lawn work and clippings resulting in more yard waste to be collected.

Currently six trash trucks, one bulk truck, and four recycle trucks totaling to eleven Republic Services trucks being currently used. Per request of changing bulk pick-ups monthly, the new truck total remains the same but changes the amounts to six trash trucks, two bulk trucks and three recycle trucks.

Additionally, Kelton mentioned Republic will waive the fee for an extra bin to the public for those who heavily recycle. A person can call and request an additional recycling bin, free of charge for the first six months.

Council and the public addressed other concerns involving Republic such as pick-up in alleyways versus street curbside and public voice on the change.

When the Council addressed additional fees or charges to the public, Keaton stated rates will not change, nor increases in fees.

Single Member District 5 Councilwoman Elizabeth Grindstaff explains that the change has been difficult and her constituents are upset they did not help design the trash service on the front end. She would like to wait and have more public input and their thoughts before another change is made.

Grindstaff said she wants the public to have more ownership, but at the moment she is not willing to support the proposal until she has more knowledge of the financial aspect, the public have more voice on the subject and more time to discuss many aspects that may play into this proposal be taken.

This was proposed to be effective Aug. 1; between now and the effective date allowance of ordinance amendments approved, another reading and an educational time period of informing the public of dates and changes for this proposal would take place.

Most of the council members were in agreement to table the proposal, but will try and figure a way to have an extra bulk pick-up this month because of recent weather and public requests.