Pro wrestler and UFC fighter Brock Lesnar suspended for failing two drug tests

Pro wrestler and UFC competitor Brock Lesnar has been suspended temporarily until a full hearing is held after he failed two drug tests before UFC 200 in July. Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene and hydroxyclomiphene, used to reduce the side effects of steroids, in two tests, the Nevada State Athletic Commission said Tuesday.

Clomiphene is a non-steroidal fertility medicine, defined as an anti-estrogen. Anti-estrogens are prescription medications that are abused by steroid users to block or minimize the effects of estrogen in the body for purposes of countering the side effects of anabolic androgenic steroids. They act to either decrease the amount of estrogen in the body or block the estrogen receptors. In men, this will cause the natural testosterone levels to increase.

Lesnar failed two drug tests — one from a pre-fight out of competition sample on June 28 and another from the night of his fight with Mark Hunt July 9, Fox Sports reported.

No date has been set for Lesnar’s hearing.