Possible explosive devices found at a San Angelo residence Tuesday

Scanner traffic indicated the discovery of a possible explosive device in a neighborhood in San Angelo Tuesday morning.

San Angelo Fire Marshal Ross Coleman said the San Angelo Fire Department and San Angelo Police Department got a call at approximately 10:30 a.m. Tuesday about some suspicious looking devices in the 800 block of 22nd Street.


When SAFD and SAPD officers arrived at the location, they were able to inspect the devices and determine that it was just some older piping that was used in the oilfield for blasting, according to Coleman.

“There is about 25 of them lying outside the fence here, but at this moment we are about 100 percent certain that the devices pose no threat and we will transport them out of the area,” he┬ásaid. “There is some old residue in there but it is fairly decayed. It looks like it has been lying outside in all sorts of weather.”


Coleman believed the devices had been left behind by a previous renter at the house and said the police are working to locate that individual.

It was the current landlord who called it in.