Police officers receives Valentine’s cards from local school children

On Thursday afternoon, local elementary school children handed out Valentine’s Day cards to the police officers at the San Angelo Police Station at 401 E. Beauregard Ave.

Police Chief, Tim Vasquez, began the Valentine’s Day card presentation by telling the children how much the officers appreciate them making the cards for them two years in a row. He added that the community has done so much in the past year to show their support for the SAPD’s work and that the event Thursday is a great reaffirmation for the employees at the station to know that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Valentine's cards

Valentine's cards

Valentine's cards

After the three elementary school students handed out the Valentine’s Day cards to the officers, they were asked why they wanted to give the officers the cards. They responded that the officers deserve to be thanked for what they do, for always keeping the “bad stuff away” and “keeping the community safe.”

Stephanie Free from San Angelo Independent School District who escorted the children to the station, said that “this started last year with another group and then we just decided that we should do it this year as well to let the officers know how much we appreciate them.”

The cards are made by students from the three local elementary schools, Fort Concho, Fannin and Santa Rita, and each year they rotate which students will go to the police station and hand out the cards. This year, the three students were from Fort Concho.


“The children love it, it helps establish a good connection with the police department, and we act as a support system while doing community service at the same time,” Free said.

When asked how much it means for the officers to receive cards from the children, he said, “It means a lot.  For the officers and employees that don’t often get thanked, to have this happen is a very nice thing.”

Before they left, the children got to ask the police officers any questions they wanted, they received a tour of the police station and a look at the police cars outside.

Valentine's cards

This is the second year the children have made the cards for the officers and officers hope that the children will make it a yearly tradition.

“The kids like it and we love it.” Vasquez said.