Paint Rock Board’s VP Facing Sexual Abuse Charges

On Wednesday, January 10, administrators were notified that Daniel Bennett, a member of the Paint Rock Board of Trustees, was officially arrested for charges from 2016.

Bennett faces one charge of Sexual Abuse of a Child Continuous, and two charges for Sexual Assault of a Child.

These are first and second-degree felonies.

The allegations from 2016 involved a local female, who at the time, was 19 and whose family members were employed by Bennett in his position as a contractor.

The press release made it clear that whatever charges Bennett currently faces have nothing to do with his position as vice president on the Paint Rock ISD Board.

While the situation remains unresolved and under investigation, Bennett will not be attending any board meetings and will not be allowed on campus until the issue is resolved.

Bennett hopes for his name to be cleared.

Bennett has served on the Board since 2006.