One injured in crash on Sherwood Way and Sunset Drive

At approximately 3:15 p.m. Sunday San Angelo Police Department Officers were dispatched to a crash in the intersection of Sherwood Way and Sunset Drive.

According to SAPD Officer Cade, the driver of a blue Ford F-150 was driving northbound on Sunset Drive and turning eastbound on Sherwood Way when the crash happened. The F-150 turned too early into the yield lane, where the silver Cruise was stopped, yielding onto oncoming traffic that was already flowing eastbound on Sherwood Way.


The driver of the F-150 failed to control his speed which caused the collision between the two vehicles. His front end hit the rear-end of the Cruise.


“One female was sent to the hospital by ambulance for suffering from some back pain, but most of it is from a history of having a back injury, so she should be fine,” Cade said.


A citation was given to the driver of the F-150 for failure to control speed.