Oklahoma governor vetoes anti-abortion bill

Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin vetoed an anti-abortion bill that would have banned abortion in the state Friday.

According to a statement on the Oklahoma governor’s website, Fallin vetoed the bill because it was too vague and would not withstand a criminal constitutional legal challenge.

The governor is the most pro-life governor in the nation with a long history of championing and signing pro-life and pro-family legislation.

Throughout her time as governor she has signed 18 bills supporting pro-life values and protecting the life and health of mothers and their unborn children, the release stated.

According to the release “Senate Bill 1552 would have made it a felony for physicians to perform abortions,” and unless the abortion was the only way to save the life of the mother, the bill would have given the local government the right to revoke the physicians medical licenses.

“The bill is so ambiguous and so vague that doctors cannot be certain what medical circumstances would be considered ‘necessary to preserve the life of the mother,’” Fallin said. She believes the absence of a concise definition and analysis would make the bill vulnerable to subjective interpretation.

Although she supports a re-examination of the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, she believes the best way to do that is to appoint a conservative, pro-life justice to the United States Supreme Court.

According to the release Oklahoma was named the most pro-life state by Americans United for Life earlier in 2016. The group recognized Oklahoma for making significant pro-life progress and for enacting legislation found in both the Infants’ Protection Project and Women’s Protection Project. An example is the legislation Fallin signed that “enhanced the potential penalties for violations of its abortion laws and enacted protections for minors considering abortions” the release said.