Officer Ed Nero found not guilty on all charges in Freddie Gray case

Multiple sources are reporting that Baltimore Police Officer Ed Nero has been found not guilty on charges of assault, misconduct of office and reckless endangerment in relation to the Freddie Gray arrest and subsequent death. A Baltimore circuit judge cleared Nero on all charges Monday morning.

Nero was one of the two officers who made contact with Gray in April 2015. Gray died April 19, 2015, after suffering a broken neck while he was riding in the back of a police van handcuffed and shackled. Gray was not restrained by a seatbelt in the van.

Gray’s death triggered protests in Baltimore, causing a curfew to be implemented in the unrest.

A demonstrator at the scene, Arthur Johnson, said he was at Nero’s trial and will be at the trials of the other five officers charged “because he (Gray) needs to be represented.”

Karen Black, another demonstrator who identified herself as a representative from the People’s Power Assembly, told a reporter on the scene that there will be continuation of demonstrations regarding injustice.

“We’re outraged and angered.” Black said. “But we’re not surprised.”