San Antonio woman sues Popeyes over flesh-eating screwworms

San Antonio woman Karen Goode has sued Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and its local franchisee, claiming the fast-food restaurant served her beans and rice containing flesh-eating screwworms.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Bexar County district court, states that the screwworms entered her digestive tract and laid eggs, which became embedded in the interior lining of her small intestine. After hatching, they infested her body and began to eat her “alive from the inside-out.”

Goode’s lawyer, Patrick Stolmeier, said she became ill and couldn’t work, resulting in the loss of her business, her house and vehicles.

Goode seeks more than $1 million in damages from Atlanta-based Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc. and Sugarland’s Z&H Foods Inc., the chain’s local franchisee, according to