Not done yet: Candidates react to election results, prepare for runoffs

Unofficial voting results indicate a tentative July 2 runoff for the San Angelo Police Chief between incumbent Tim Vasquez and Frank Carter. In City Council elections, there will be a runoff between incumbent Elizabeth Grindstaff and Lane Carter in Single Member District 5.

Harold “Harry” Thomas won more than 50 percent of the vote over Daniel Cardenas to become the new City Council representative for Single Member District 3. Bill Richardson topped Trinidad Aguirre in the SMD 1 race.

In the race for police chief, there were four candidates running for the elected position: Vasquez, Mike Hernandez, Jeff Davis and Carter. After Saturday’s election, unofficial results indicate a runoff between incumbent Vasquez and Carter.

“I’m very excited about the runoff and I appreciate all the support that I got from the citizens. We are doing great and I’m very proud of the votes that we’ve got. I’m going to do what I can to earn the other votes and I think it’s really good now because now we’ve narrowed it down and we can focus on the facts and it’s a great opportunity and I hope that we have a couple of live debates so that we can really be open about what the truth is and what isn’t and what the actual facts are,” Vasquez said after Saturday’s unofficial results.

vasquez election party

Incumbent SAPD Police Chief Tim Vasquez


Incumbent Elizabeth Grindstaff was competing for the vote with three other candidates: Lane Carter, R.A.  Cantrell and Martin W. Guinn. It has now been narrowed down to a runoff between Grindstaff and Carter, with Grindstaff coming in with 45.17 percent of the vote and Carter at 45.39 percent.

“I’ve enjoyed my two years of service and I want to continue to serve the people of San Angelo. I am very pleased that I have had so much support. I love San Angelo and I believe that my skills and experience are a good fit to continue on council,” Grindstaff said.

Grindstaff election party

Incumbent San Angelo City Council Member Single District 5 Elizabeth Grindstaff waiting for election results.

Lane Carter, who is new to politics, said he is running because he wants San Angelo’s city government to run in a different way.

“There is more work ahead with a runoff, we will keep trucking ahead and prove that the voters are unhappy,” Lane Carter said.

Carter city co party

Newcomer Lane Carter with family and friends after runoff election results.

Thomas won more than 50 percent of the vote and is now elected to the San Angelo City Council representing SMD 3.

“I am overjoyed I think it’s a combination of a long time coming. I’m really relieved, I’m happy that the citizens put their confidence in me to move into this position. I think we are headed in the right direction,” Thomas said.

Thomas believes that he gained the votes of citizens because he is very genuine and that his experience of serving on many nonprofit boards helped him in this election.